A broad description of my research interests and a list of my publications.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in operator algebras – more specifically C\(^*\)-algebras. Most of my current projects are related to C\(^*\)-algebras arising from (partial) C\(^*\)-dynamical systems. In particular, I am studying the ideal structure of crossed product C\(^*\)-algebras using injective envelope techniques. The rich structure of injective envelopes allows for powerful tools to connect properties of the reduced crossed product such as the intersection property to dynamical properties of the action.

I have also been working on projects related to quantum graphs. Quantum graphs arise as a noncommutative generalization of classical graphs in graph theory. There are two main approaches to this noncommutative generalization, which have been shown to be equivalent in the past. The first approach involves a quantization of the edge relation and the second is given by a quantiziation of the adjacency matrix. I am mainly interested in finding appropriate generalizations of concepts in graph theory to the theory of quantum graphs.

Published articles